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you’re here because…

…You crave balance, joy, bliss and freedom in your life. 

…You are sick and tired of being sick and tired – and you know there’s a different way.

…You feel completely overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid – and you’re ready for that to change!

…You struggle with understanding your true purpose and feel lost, anxious, highly emotional and confused. 

…You have a deep desire to understand WHY you are the way you are – and how to navigate the challenges of your own personality.

…You believe that the old ways of doing things no longer apply.

…You want to create a massive impact in your world. 

…You believe the world can be a better place.

…You are ready to make a lasting transformation in your life.

i get it – i’ve been there

I am passionate about elevating humanity’s ability to choose from the heart by sharing scientific and spiritual tools that create freedom and bliss. 

Having numbed my heart for almost 20 years with everything from drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships and being a workaholic, I have discovered the true magic of self mastery and unconditional love.


plan your week with ease

Using numerology, lunar cycles and tarot, Cindy creates a clear roadmap of how to navigate the collective energy we all experience so that you know what to focus on each day. 

An easy to follow printable is provided every week to help you plan your week according to the energy.

Understand when it’s time to move forward and when it’s time to rest.